Polish Pottery in St. Charles, Missouri

Enjoy the timeless beauty and functionality of traditional Polish pottery right here in St. Charles, Missouri, at Siostra Polish Pottery & Gifts.


Polish Pottery refers to the hand made, hand painted stoneware that comes from Boleslawiec (“bo-leh-swa-vee-ets”), Poland. This is where the special white clay deposits are found. The pottery has been made here since the 1300's and was very coveted for it's durability, excellent baking properties as well as it's beauty.

The pottery originated as folk art. Farmers would make the pottery in the winter, when it was too cold for outside work, for use in their own kitchens. The designs were inspired by the peacock feather using the cobalt blue, peacock green, and earth tone colors. Today, skilled Polish artists still individually handcraft and hand decorate each piece using small sea sponges to apply the unique and beautiful stamped patterns. Some patterns also incorporate free hand brush strokes.

Since each piece is individually made, no two are exactly alike and this is what adds to it's charm and personality. No matter what you already have, Polish Pottery is a great way to add a splash of color and whimsy to your home.

All Polish Pottery is Lead free, Cadmium Free and is completely Safe to use in your Microwave, Dishwasher and even your Oven (up to 400 degrees F). The Polish pottery is also chip resistant and scratch resistant. So don't be afraid to stack the pieces or to use sharp knives on the pottery.

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The people of Boleslawiec are as colorful as the pottery and they have perfected the techniques and artistic talent over many generations. All patterns are loved and appreciated for their strong and vibrant colors which are crafted to complement each other. Whether you mix and match the patterns or like to stick with your favorite...

“You can never have too much Polish Pottery.”

Unikat Pattern

Some of the more detailed and colorful patterns may be labeled as “Unikat”. These pieces are unique to certain artists and will usually have the artist's signature on the underside of the piece. Only after years of study can an artist be elevated to this esteemed distinction. Once the artist dies or retires the pattern is usually retired as well, unless they have “passed down” the pattern to an apprentice in which case they may keep the original idea of the pattern, but change it up just enough to make it their own.
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Painting Techniques

One method of painting Polish pottery is a stamping method in which carved-out sea sponge stamps are applied to the pottery's surface. Another method of pottery painting is freehand using a paintbrush. The two methods can also be combined.


All pieces of Polish pottery that we offer are safe to use in your dishwasher, microwave, oven, and refrigerator. The clay is lead- and cadmium-free making it safe for humans.

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